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The Robertson Family,
James, Jean and their children Hamish, Letitia and Carol
by Hamish Robertson

Scottish Immigrants
October 1953

The Robertson family (James and Jean and three children Hamish, Letitia and Carol) decided to emigrate to Canada and were booked on a whiskey boat but some labour troubles cancelled the trip and so they were rebooked onto the maiden voyage of the TSS Olympia. Built on the Clyde, she like all ships was launched and sailed to the Tail of the Bank to do her trials. Following the trials, she was fitted out with all of the furniture etc. She was now too heavy to re-enter the Clyde so the initial passengers had to sail down the Clyde on a Clyde Steamer and board in mid channel. She then sailed to Belfast, Liverpool, Dublin, Southampton, Cherbourg and Cobh picking up passangers at every port. The ship was so full that creww members were forced out of their bunks to accomodate the overflow (They slept in the hold) and some Irish people had to be flown to North America.

The ship's first North American port was Halifax and she was greeted by fireboats and helicopters and the media before heading to New York City. Because emmigration was a major happening in Scotland then and Gordon Irving was a reporter on the Record (his current web site is ) he arranged for a photographer to take this shot just before the Clyde steamer pulled out.

Editor’s Note: Letitia (Tish) Robertson and Carol Anne Robertson (now Lewis) was taken in October 1953 on a Clyde steamer as it left the Broomielaw headed for the Tail of the Bank to board the TSS Olympia on its maiden voyage.

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