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L'histoire d'immigration de Mary Ann Gaetano (immigrante italienne)

Le Musée examine et accepte les dons de souvenirs et d'histoires, personnelles ou familiales, à la collection. En tant qu'institution pédagogique, ces récits nous aident à comprendre comment les individus se souviennent d'expériences vécues, comment ils les interprètent ou, encore, comment ils créent un sens à partir de celles-ci. Les histoires ne sont pas modifiées par le personnel du Musée. Le point de vue exprimé est celui de l'auteur et non celui du Musée.

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I was searching for information about our ship and discovered that others had written their personal story and sent pictures of their experience. Both my parents have passed but I wanted to tell their story too.
They came to Canada to better their lives and make sure that we, the children, got the best education and greatest possibilities. They were successful in making that initial important decision and I am very grateful to them. Here is their story: My dad was very ambitious and wanted to open his own tobacco store in Italy. His mom, a widow, was skeptical and wanted him to continue farming. He made the difficult decision to take his family along with his savings and begin his new life in North America. We were so excited to travel by ship to Canada. It felt like going to another world at the time. My parents were sad leaving their families behind but I was too young to understand what was going on. On the ship there were many people especially near the railings waving goodbye. Most of us were immigrating to Halifax and then onto our destination. The trip was long and some people were seasick but not me. My older sister kept vomiting and could barely eat but the rest of us seemed untouched by the waves. During our voyage we had the honour of dining with the Captain. I never understood how proud my parents felt until I was much older. It was a ‘special’ honour to be invited to join the Captain at his table and getting to know our family and where we were headed. Our destination was Montreal. I only have flashes of memory about our cabin with bunk beds and our huge trunk carrying our most valuable possessions (clothing, embroidered sheets and tablecloths). We didn’t know if we would ever get back so we brought what was allowed and important to us. When we arrived in Halifax we took our belongings, got our passport stamped, and purchased our tickets for a train to Montreal. The relatives who sponsored us met us at the train station and so began our lives in Montreal. We finally became Canadian citizens in 1976.

The immigration story of MaryAnn Gaetano.