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L'histoire d'immigration de Marianne Bromley (immigrante néerlandaise)

Le Musée examine et accepte les dons de souvenirs et d'histoires, personnelles ou familiales, à la collection. En tant qu'institution pédagogique, ces récits nous aident à comprendre comment les individus se souviennent d'expériences vécues, comment ils les interprètent ou, encore, comment ils créent un sens à partir de celles-ci. Les histoires ne sont pas modifiées par le personnel du Musée. Le point de vue exprimé est celui de l'auteur et non celui du Musée.

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I came to Canada with my parents after WW 2 because of the Russian threat after the war. My grandparents thought that Canada would be a very safe place to live. We arrived in Halifax after Christmas in December 1950; we boarded a train ultimately bound for Stratford, Ontario. At that time, anyone coming to Canada was to work in the agricultural field for a year – my dad, who had been raised on a farm in the Netherlands, was coming to work for a farmer outside of Stratford in Milverton, ON. His brother was already there so it was easy for him to procure a job.
After a year, my grandparents came to Canada as well and my dad and my grandfather bought a farm together outside of Stratford. To make ends meet, my dad farmed and worked in a rubber factory. It was a tough life but as a child I didn’t realize this. Unfortunately my grandmother got ill and died  - my grandfather moved back to the Netherlands.
Because they had sold the farm, my dad went back into teaching (he was trained as a teacher in the Netherlands). We moved to Englehart, ON where he taught Biology and Chemistry in the high school. We moved to Belleville, ON after 5 years where he taught at Belleville Collegiate Institute; we lived there for 4 years and then moved to Sarnia, ON where he became department head of the science department at SCITS. My mother still lives in Sarnia; my dad passed away on October 1, 2011