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L'histoire d'immigration de H. DeJong (immigrant néerlandais)

Le Musée examine et accepte les dons de souvenirs et d'histoires, personnelles ou familiales, à la collection. En tant qu'institution pédagogique, ces récits nous aident à comprendre comment les individus se souviennent d'expériences vécues, comment ils les interprètent ou, encore, comment ils créent un sens à partir de celles-ci. Les histoires ne sont pas modifiées par le personnel du Musée. Le point de vue exprimé est celui de l'auteur et non celui du Musée.

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We arrived at Pier 21 after sailing from Rotterdam, Holland on the Holland-American liner Sibajak.
We arrived with five children, the oldest 8 years of age, the youngest 10 months, who was carried into Canada in a linen shopping bag.
We were very happy to be on land instead of on the ever-moving ship. It was our wedding anniversary day so, after passing through the various check points I looked around and found a flower-stand where I made our first purchase in Canada, some flowers for my wife.
One of our sons, 4 years old had to go to the bathroom in the worst way and I did not find the washroom fast enough. I told him to go behind a post, which he did and he also found a silver dollar while he was at it.
I told him that we had arrived in our new Country which was so rich that the silver dollars were laying in the street.
Many years later we still come to N.S. where we rent a cottage on the South Shore, close to La Have.
We hope to do so again this year in end August to 2 weeks in September and plan to visit Pier 21 where I like to take some pictures for ourselves but mainly for our children and grandchildren so they can all see where we arrived and made a new start.
We are all doing very well. If you have any information regarding Pier 21 which we should know before we come, kindly let me know. We are looking forward to seeing it all again after 40 years.