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L'histoire de T. Dilorio

Le Musée examine et accepte les dons de souvenirs et d'histoires, personnelles ou familiales, à la collection. En tant qu'institution pédagogique, ces récits nous aident à comprendre comment les individus se souviennent d'expériences vécues, comment ils les interprètent ou, encore, comment ils créent un sens à partir de celles-ci. Les histoires ne sont pas modifiées par le personnel du Musée. Le point de vue exprimé est celui de l'auteur et non celui du Musée.

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February 1962
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Mrs. T. Dilorio ( Antonia)
Country of Origin: Italy ( born in Canada, went to Italy and repatriated to Canada)
Port of Entry: New York,USA, then by train to Montreal, Quebec
Date: February 1962

Weather: warm in Naples, no snow in New York, cold in Montreal

I went with my mom at the age of 5. Dad was established here as a legal immigrant with employment. I said good-bye to Italy and not a'see you'.

Maybe I'll vacation there one day, don't know. I've vacationed in New York a bit. I sometimes wonder about the dates, the name of the ship, etc and of the tastes and odors and sights involved on that transatlantic crossing, etc. It's all muddled now at 50 years old.

July - August 1944

Bombs away in Vinchiaturo, Campobasso, Italy Canadian troops camped there to save the day, along with others. Canons away! A soldier was buried near the Quirine River Camp temporarily before being repatriated. The German troops were massacred during the WWII. (Near Cassini-Rome) my mother was 15 years old then. There was a CDN soldier who had placed some chocolate in a tin around a dog's cellar for the girls. They'd visit houses at times and at times they'd come to talk or for an occasional drink of wine. They'd try to communicate in spite of the language barrier and homesickness. One particular soldier was a son of a Canadian Italian too, who spoke Italian. He was an aircraft pilot. Happy Remembrance Day... Thanking God.